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Conjure Skin Therapies offers every type of male body waxing, from chest, back, shoulders and legs, to full male Brazilians. Waxing is performed by a male body waxer with years of skincare experience. We have designated free parking, a private lobby and of course, a private treatment room. View a full list of wax services here.


Why get a Male Brazilian

We use only the best and purest wax available - Cirepil from France. We even have tea tree infused wax for sensitive skin types. The more you wax, the easier it is and the less irritation you will experience (if any). Wondering if a Male Brazilian is right for you? Here are some things to consider:

  • Keeps the area cleaner, especially the inner buttocks
  • Shows off more muscle muscle/body parts
  • Allows for different clothing options like speedos, modeling, etc.,
  • Allows for better coverage and results of tanning (spray tan)
  • Feels incredible, both for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Results last 4-8 weeks which means less shaving, time, expenses


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Who typically gets a Male Brazilian Wax

Our Male Brazilian Wax (also known as a Manzillian/Brozillian) is very popular among all types of people, but it is especially popular among gym goers, fitness models, outdoor enthusiasts, and other physically active people. Regardless of that, Manscaping is just good grooming for men! 

If you are curious, you should try it. The biggest reason people are happy with a Brazilian Wax is because it is so much easier to keep clean and because the ultra smooth feeling is to good not too have. You may experience a few ingrown hairs (most do not), but those are easily treated at home and do not return after. We will give you the cure, along with instructions for after care.


Not sure I am ready for a Male Brazilian

We offer full men's body waxing services, so if you aren't sure about the Men's Brazilian and want to try something else first, start with a back or chest wax. Or even a men's facial to get familiar with the grooming process. Anyone you are intimate with will love that you take care of yourself this way. You will love the results and the benefits and get used to the awesome feeling of super smooth skin. The best time to spray tan is after body waxing, so if you can, book your Men's Brazilian Wax the same day as your spray tan. 

View a list of all waxing services here, or click below to book.