Our Ageless Vitality Peel consists of a TCA 10%.  Tricholoracetic Acid (TCA) is a medium/high chemical peel that is highly effective in promoting skin smoothness and vitality by improving superficial discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.  It also has the following benefits:

  • Fading dark spots, sun spots, and freckles;
  • Smoothing marks left by acne;
  • Relieving congested pores;
  • Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles; and,
  • Removing skin damaged by sun exposure
  • Dramatically improving skin texture and tone
  • Reducing or eliminating hyper-pigmentation

This Ageless Vitality Peel restores radiance, and gives an instant glow.  The results continue for weeks to months after treatment.  A daily SPF 30 or higher will protect the results and ensure it lasts longer - it is mandatory that you wear SPF 30 or higher every day after your first treatment and then daily for a minimum of 10 days following your last treatment. This peel may require skin conditioning where you use glycolic acids or products high in retinol prior to application and may require 1-3 facial treatments to prep your skin before the peel can be applied - see your Conjure Skin Therapist for details.  


Price - $155
Series of 3 - $400