Mandelic acid is an almond extract that is gaining popularity as an alpha hydroxyl acid suitable for all skin types and complexions, giving it a very unique advantage. It is excellent for darker skin types such as:

Mediterranean skin
Middle Eastern skin
African skin


This new skin care peel helps bring clarity and balance while causing virtually no irritation.  It dramatically enhances and brightens the skin within days of using, and works to reduce hyper-pigmentation, acne and wrinkles. People with darker skin tones do not run the risk of hyper-pigmentation with this peel.


  • Evens skin tone, reduces age spots & freckles
  • Quickly fades acne scarring
  • Tightens the skin and pores
  • Reduces and eliminates lines & wrinkles
  • Decongests the skin and breaks down excess oil
  • Helps fade the signs of Melasma
  • Built for everyone and is especially safe and extremely effective on darker skin tones especially Middle eastern, Mediterranean and African.


The skin is cleansed thoroughly and pre-treated to receive the peel.  We then follow a strict protocol to deliver maximum results with little to no discomfort.  Once your skin has reached its max toleration, the peel is removed and the skin is calmed.  You must commit to wearing a daily SPF 30 or higher following your treatment, and for at least 10 days.  A daily SPF along with a series of peels will give you maximum results.

Price - $125
Series of 3 - $300