We are pleased to offer the best chemical peel alternative in San Diego. This is an excellent choice over the regular glycolic and salicylic acid peels. It is also a natural, organic alternative to TCA, Mandelic and Jessner peels. This organic chemical peel is perfect for all skin types yet very effective. Naturally, good things take time and this organic skin peel is no different.

Each treatment is 60 minutes and includes a full Eminence Organic Facial.

Step 1

We begin with multi-layered exfoliants like the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant and the Arctic Berry Enzyme exfoliants. They contain multi fruit acids that are naturally derived. The papain and cherry bark gently exfoliates the skins texture and evens skin tone. 


Step 2

We then use a multi-fruit acid 20% peel activator to remove layers of the skin gently to reveal smooth, luminous skin. Heat and stimulation is generated. Reduces hyper-pigmentation and inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles, and increases elasticity and firmness. Multiple applications are applied during this process.


Step 3

This is followed by a rejuvenating and stimulating Blueberry Detox Firming Peel. This oxygenates the skin and pushes antioxidant rich Vitamin A, C & E juice to the deeper layers of the skin. After this stimulating process, we use FDA approved Red LED light therapy devices to heal and restore collagen and elasticity in the deeper layers below the skin. 


Step 4

The treatment is topped off with a peptide rich Arctic Berry serum blended with the Firm Skin serum, followed by a day or evening moisturizer and a luxurious biodynamic rescue recovery hydrating oil. You will see and feel immediate results with no down time.


A series of 3-5 is recommended to optimal results (equivalent to 1-2 chemical peels).

$125 - each

$110 - Series of 3
$100 - Series of 5