Take your anti-aging to the next level! Powerful, FDA approved LED Light Therapy has been clinically proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles. The devices are cleared for the entire face, including the forehead, crow's feet, cheeks, nasal labial folds, jawline, lips and the neck. The red light LED facial includes MultiWave technology to simultaneously emit multiple wavelengths of light: Amber, Deep Red, Light Red and Infrared. 


The benefits include:

Reduced inflammation and redness
Reduced and eliminated fine lines and wrinkles
Minimize the appearance of pore size
Firm and tone aged or tired skin
Smooth the texture of the skin
Builds Collagen and Elastin
Promote even skin tone
Rejuvenate and restore your radiant glow
Ease under eye puffiness
Aids and assists with product penetration

Reverse some of the San Diego sun! This facial treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and benefits both men and women. It includes:

FULL Eminence Organic Facial with RED LED Light Therapy

Each treatment is 60 minutes and includes:

1) Cleanse x 2 with hot steam

2) Exfoliation to remove dead skin

3) Neck, shoulder and arm massage during exfoliation

4) Extractions of blackheads and whiteheads

5) Hand crafted, customized facial masks

6) Facial massage with neck & shoulders

7) Custom toners, serums, moisturizers and eye cream

It reduces redness from treatments, allows powerful serums and masks to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and restores collagen and elastin. 

You can add this to any chemical peel or organic peel to speed the healing process. RED light therapy is also excellent when used after micro-needling or laser treatments to cut healing and recovery time in half.