Our back acne treatment is superior in many ways.  It is incredibly calming and acne clearing, and it is also famous for giving you incredibly smooth skin. We use plant extracts, spices and powerful exfoliants to get rid of excess oils, sweat, blackheads, and acne. This process smooths the skin naturally and paves the way for probiotics to kill the bad bacteria that causes acne and inflammation.  Full treatment below.

Un-clog your pores, remove excess oils and extract even the most tough to get blackheads. This back acne treatment is custom blended and includes a deep cleansing, concentrated exfoliators, stimulating fruit pulps and spices, masks that calm and sooth the skin, and advanced serums to treat and heal. Some people call them back facials, but we feel it is more of a treatment than a "back facial" as it clearly isn't your face! From mild and moderate to severe back acne, we have a treatment for you!

If you have some light back acne, book the regular Back Acne Treatment. Mild to moderate back acne with larger acne and some dark spots, book the Back Acne Treatment + Clinical to get stronger products with clinical acids like Lactic 50%, Glycolic 30% or Salicylic 20% to brighten dark spots and kill bacteria. If you suffer from deeper, cystic back acne, book the Back Acne Treatment + Clinical + Blue Light Therapy to get maximum results. Blue Light Therapy eradicates all acne causing bacteria, shrinks the oil glands and reduces inflammation deep within the skin. 

Each treatment is between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes and includes:

1) Cleanse x 2 with hot steam

2) Exfoliation to remove dead skin

3) Foot massage during exfoliation

4) Extractions of blackheads and whiteheads

5) Hand crafted, customized cooling and soothing masks

6) 15-20 minute back massage with additional masks

7) Custom toners, serums and probiotic moisturizers

8) Optional Clinical Acne products / Blue Light Therapy

This is a top rated favorite among men and women with back acne. This is hands down the best back acne treatment in San Diego. 

Before & After of an actual client:

Series of 4 treatments over 2 months.

Series of 4 treatments over 2 months.


No breakouts on your back? It is still the perfect choice if you want incredibly smooth, radiant skin. A popular choice among gym goers, hikers, military, police and fire from sweating under all that gear. The results are clean clear skin with superior hydration and antioxidant protection. Some of the ingredients include:

Strawberry Rhubarb
Tea Tree
Willow Bark
Lactic Acid
Activated Charcoal
Hungarian Herbal Mud
Artic Berry Enzymes


Back Acne Treatment = $85
Back Acne Treatment + Clinical = $110
Back Acne Treatment + Clinical + Blue Light Therapy = $130